alternative knowing spaces

There is a large Science, Technology and Society (STS) conference in Prague in August 2020 called Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and Agency of STS in Emerging Worlds.

There are a large number of open panels that are currently inviting submissions, and one in particular called Alternative Knowing Spaces relevant to practice-as-research. It has been proposed by Henk Borgdorff and Peter Peters and here’s an excerpt of their call for papers (due 29 February 2020 I think):

Alluding to the ‘end of the cognitive empire’ (De Sousa Santos), this open panel focuses on how alternative ways of knowing are practiced in a variety of disciplinary, cultural, regional and historical contexts. In the humanities and social sciences mainstream research cultures are increasingly supplemented or amended by alternative epistemologies, questioning the dominance of propositional forms of knowing. In line with the agenda of this conference, these alternative ‘knowing spaces’ (Law) share an interest in the constitutive role of practices and things, in participatory and collaborative experiments that engage with matters of public concern, and in inclusivity with regard to the agencies and voices of the people involved in the generation of knowledge and understanding.

The link is here (scroll down):

I’d love to know that Law citation they mention. Anyone know?

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