abulhawa and documentation

Dani Abulhawa has some writing up on academia.edu that looks at questions of documentation in relation to her performance practice. The paper covers a lot of ground, but gives a useful précis of ideas to do with documentation in practice-as-research. She then discusses knowlege and documentation as they relate to issues (including authority, productivity, and discipline) emerging out of her practice.

Here’s the academia.edu link:


If you have any trouble accessing the document, let me know.

exhausted academies

a critique of the ‘exhausting’ achievement-oriented and instrumentalised tendencies of the contemporary neoliberal institution, and a return to a ‘verticalist’ perspective that ‘makes space’ for attention and concentration; for experiment, novel questions and speculation; for reflexivity, new modes of imagination and historic profundity; for an open-ended form of differential thinking that values not-knowing, the singular, the affective, the transgressive, and the unforeseen.

– http://not-yet-there.blogspot.com/2016/11/event-exhausted-academies.html

 Exhausted Academies
Fine Art Studio
Nottingham Trent University
Thursday 3 November, 2pm to 5pm