journal for artistic research

I’m interested in the Journal for Artistic Research (edited by Michael Schwab out of Amsterdam, and first published in 2011) for a number of reasons but mostly because the materials in it are bound by methodological principles, and not by discipline. This offers rich potential for surprising exchanges, and points of meeting and departure.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the Journal, here’s the link:

artistic research is doubly defined: insofar as it is research, it enhances knowledge and understanding; because it is artistic, however, the mode of presentation is essential. This definition excludes works of art that share modes of presentation with artistic research, but do not enhance understanding. It also excludes research that is not dependant on an artistic mode of presentation.


I have my doubts about this definition: who decides what an artistic mode of presentation is? When is understanding not enhanced (and again, who decides?)?

But I like the ethos of the journal that implies that the way research is presented is essential to how it is understood, and I really like the “for” in the title: it suggests that the journal’s function is to serve artistic research.


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  1. I wonder in answer to what works of art are…if you would have to head back to a philosophy of aesthetics ….. Another question I find interesting is whether research is dependent on the art form to bring about or highlight understanding…what is the nature of dependancy in this context….? Are we insisting that without the artform knowing remains a priori?


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