knowledge production and entangled events

I was given a little book called La Danza Del Futuro by Jaime Conde-Salazar and in it he writes:

The dance of the future has to do with the idea of the ‘project’, i.e. a research that is conducted throughout time and that assumes the typical uncertainty of any process of knowledge production. it is built as a net of entangled events, questions, experiences and contexts that form a kind of living organism that is constantly transforming. This is why it increasingly refers to and feeds off the specific circumstances in which it takes place and the ways in which life and the work crystallize in a specific time throughout a given time. In this way, dance expands its limits beyond the typical performance settings, beyond the authorized work contexts, and beyond the spaces that the bourgeois capitalist cultures have assigned to art and culture.

This blog isn’t about dance per se, but if you were to trade the word dance with whatever it is that is at the heart of your practice (theatre, dramaturgy, reading, whatever) then Jaime’s thinking (inadvertently) does a pretty good job of describing the possibilities and limitations of practice-as-research.

Other related reading that is possibily related, both by Bojana Kunst:


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