I’m going to assume that people reading this blog aren’t necessarily aware of some more common (or perhaps obvious) resources to think through issues and ideas to do with practice-as-research. This is because I suspect – but definitely don’t know – that PhD and Masters students developing practice-as-research projects will be the main audience for the blog. Hopefully, as the site grows, it can become more useful for quite diverse practitioners, practices, and teachers.
The Practice as Research in Performance project – and associated conferences – marked a key moment in the development of ideas to do with practice-as-research. The website (which stopped being updated in 2006) is here:

It contains a wide range of materials, questions and conversations and to get a sense of its breadth a good place to start is:

In 2002, I was in my second year of my PhD “through creative practice”. At that stage I hadn’t even happened across the term practice-as-research (or practice-led, practice-based research). I was busy building a methodological case for my research through experimental qualitative research methods (using the work of people like Norman Denzin and Laurel Richardson). Encountering PARIP was immensely important in helping me understand in particular the epistemological possibilities (and limitations) of practice-as-research.

I think it’s important to add that many of the arguments – even points of conflict – that you’ll see present in parts of the site still seem to come back quite frequently in conversations I hear (and have) with students and cyber-colleagues.


3 Replies to “parip”

  1. I have been thinking more methodologically…from the traditions of research in post grad research … Something about academic authority… Method…ology…. Practice-as-research-ology……or praxology……maybe……I don’t know…. But sometimes feel I have to accompany Par with something more academically established to give it the appearance of traditional academic empiricism….


  2. I’m never sure about these kinds of propositions. Part of the strength of practice-as-research is that it stands (to a certain extent) outside of those conventions. On the outside looking in. Shouting from the wings. It also reflects a sense of (naive?) security I have about the role and place of practice-as-research in the academy. Adding “ology” to anything would feel a little desperate; like we are wanting to generate status in name alone.


  3. I am wondering how PaR stands outside the words ‘the academy’ anymore than action research or any other methodology that may be standing in the wings….or stuck in the green room…. Where are the higherarchies in PaR? Where is the democracy? For students… Where does this ‘beyond convention’ leave room for definition to the point of examining and valuing or quantifying knowledge in the form of praxis….and yes it is unsettl ing… not know…….or…. Know…not..what……is………sufficient enough………for…….. The academy…………


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